Tain't what you're doing

Adventures of the mobile and static kind


3 years after returning from my bike trip around Europe I feel a lack. This lack feels like it has something to do with creative output so the new pages are an attempt to redress that balance. 

That and the fact that my sister is now a published author. Can't let her have all the glory now....

My new adventure is renovating a property that I have bought with my housemate Simon. Simon's skills will allow us to refurbish the place to a high spec. My skills will allow us to endless bowls of stir fry. I think that's a fair division of labour.

You can still read my cycle trip diary from 2011. This is a journey I made over the course of 7 months encountering various misanthropic characters, underpriced patisseries and odd places to defecate: 2011 Cycle trip diary

Don't worry, it's funny.

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